A Unique Organisation with a Unique Mission

The Defence Innovation Greenhouse (The DIG) is a non-profit innovation, collaboration and best practices centre with the mission of delivering the latest technologies into the hands of crisis responders.

We exclusively support the development of solutions for public sector crisis responders, including military forces, police, firefighters, paramedics and NGOs that operate in dangerous environments. These brave public servants risk their lives to protect ours, but are often using technologies that are inadequate or obsolete.

Watch our five-minute introduction video below to learn more about The DIG.


As a non-profit organisation, The DIG is neither government nor private industry. It occupies a unique place in between where we are able to establish an apolotical environment that is both free from government bureaucracy and also vendor neutral where innovation and collaboration can flourish. It also allows us to keep our costs down to maximize value to our members.


Technology in the commercial world is moving fast, but our soldiers, first-responders and NGOs are being left behind. Our goal is to use innovative ways of working to ensure that our crisis responders have access to the latest technologies that are as good as those we use everyday in our homes, offices and schools.


We are stronger when we work together, but sometimes working together can be difficult because of organisational and national boundaries. The DIG offers a unique work environment where large industry, small and medium enterprises, and academia can collaborate with the military, police, NGOs and others in the public sector.

Best Practices

Keeping pace in an accelerating world requires that we learn from each other. That's why we are working with organisations like the European Space Agency to adapt their best practices for use in defence and crisis response. And, this is just the beginning! There's a world of knowledge to share, and The DIG is an ideal place to share it.

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Multinational by Design

A key objective of The DIG is to reduce duplication of capabilities across NATO and EU nations. The less duplication we have, the more interoperable we become and the more money we can invest on advanced capabilities. With 35 nations either in the EU or in NATO, there is plenty of opportunity to improve how we collaborate on innovation and capability development. We truly are stronger when we build things together. We hope you join us on this exciting journey!


Our Community

Members: The heart of The DIG

The DIG is a membership focused organisation. We exist solely to enhance our members' success in projects in the same way that the Royal Albert Concert Hall helps to enhance the music performed by the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. If our members are satisfied, The DIG will succeed, which is why membership satisfaction is our most important metric.

Our membership ecosystem is built around four types of participants: problem holders, solution providers, supporting service providers and individuals. Successful project teams within The DIG will normally be composed of representatives from each of these groups.

The DIG's Membership Advisory Board is a vitally important part of the organisation's management structure. It is through this board that the membership provides guidance to The DIG senior leadershp team regarding product offerings and operational matters.

Problem Holders

Military, first-responders (police, fire and medical) and qualifying NGOs are all eligible to join as problem holders. Organisations in this category must be either public-sector or non-profit and must operate in crisis environments.

Solution Providers

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), large companies, academia, government labs, and research and technology organisations (RTOs) are eligible to join as solution providers. Typically, solution providers build project teams with problem holders to address specific challenges.

Supporting Service Providers

Supporting service providers can be any organisation that support project teams but do not directly create solutions. Examples would be companies that help project teams apply for government grants or specialise in cybersecurty testing of final products.


Individuals with an interest in public sector crisis response are invited to join. Individuals can participate in events organized by The DIG and can also join project teams. Individual membership offers our smallest SMEs with an affordable option to participate while still providing excellent access to The DIG community.


We accelerate public sector innovation

Our primariy objective is to accelerate the latest technologies into the hands of public sector crisis responders. We aim to do this by creating an ecosystem that is optimised to move innovations from the commercial market into the public sector and - when necessary - adapt those innovations for use in crisis environments. Our services can be divided into four main categories as shown below:

Project Office Space

The DIG will offer flexible office space that can be rented by the desk in timeframes as short as one week, giving teams the ability to rent only what they need when they need it. Bringing communities together is a core benefit of membership in The DIG.

Project Facilitation

The DIG is not only a place to work, it is a way of working. Members can take advantage of The DIG's advanced project facilitation capabilities including our Concurrent Design Facility, which is being developed with the help of the European Space Agency.

Quick Start Resources

In high-tech environments, project success is often linked directly to speed of delivery. The Defence Capability Quick Start Environment is a collection of software components, open-source code and non-classified military sample data that can dramatically reduce the time and cost of projects.

Community Events

Events are an excellent way to build a community. The DIG will offer a number of small events throughout the year along with a Defence Innovation Symposium twice per year. The DIG events are the perfect place to 'meet people in the hall' who can make a difference. Join us to connect!

Project Types

What our Members Do in The DIG

The DIG is an organisation aimed at creating an optimized ecosystem in which our members can collaborate on many different types of projects. Below is a list of project types that we expect to be most common within our ecosystem.

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Community Development

Category A Project: The DIG members work together to create open-source software that is shared freely with all other members regardless of whether they contributed to the original development. Finished products are added to The DIG Marketplace.

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Consortia Projects

Category B Project: The DIG members form consortia to develop specific capabilities. In most cases, members of the consortia can utilize the final products for no charge. Parties who did not participate can purchase the resulting products for a fee. 

Integration graphic

System Integration

Category C Project: Two or more members establish a project to co-develop integration solutions that enable data to be exchanged between existing systems. SME and large industrial players can be contracted to undertake some or all of the development activities. 

SME graphic

SME Capability Development

Category D Project: One or more of The DIG members pay SMEs to develop a solution to a specific problem. SMEs work directly with end-users in The DIG to ensure the best possible solution. Resulting products can be added to The DIG Marketplace. SMEs are encouraged to offer discounts to other members.

Research graphic

Research and De-Risking

Category E Project: The DIG members looking to acquire large or complex systems develop prototypes to refine requirements or research different solutions to a problem to de-risk the acquisition. An excellent opportunity for both SME and large industry engagement.

Commercial concept demonstrator graphic

Commercial Concept Demonstrator

Category F Project: Sometimes the solution to a problem already exists in the market. In category F projects, large industry or SMEs work with The DIG end-users to develop a better understanding of end-user requirements and demonstrate how existing products and services can be used to solve these problems.

Commercial concept demonstrator graphic

IT Project Troubleshooting

Category G Project: A DIG Member that is having problems with an IT project can use The DIG’s facilities (including the CDF and office space) to assemble a troubleshooting team in 'neutral territory.' The team will typically stay together until the project is back on track.

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Best Practices Sharing

Category H Project: One or more of The DIG members can offer classes and share best practices with other members. In many cases, this will happen informally, but there may be cases when a specific project is formed to facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices dissemination.

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Some Next Steps

Read our brochure

Download a PDF copy of our brochure for more information on The DIG.

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Request our business case

Our business case offers a complete and thorough description of all aspects of The DIG. Potential members and partners can receive an electronic or paper copy upon request. Please contact us and we will arrange for you to receive a copy.

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Join the DIG

We start formally accepting memberships on Friday 15 September with a membership discount that applies for the first 10 companies to join before the end of October.



Launch Event 1 February 2018

Mark your calendar to attend our grand opening celebration on Thursday 1 February at 1400. Contact us for more information and to be added to the VIP invitation list.


Founding memberships available

From 15 September 2017


Sign up to become a founding member starting on 15 September and qualify for a 20% discount off of normal annual membership prices. This offer is good for the first 10 companies to join and lasts until 31 October, so contact us today to get on the membership sign-up list.

SME Project proposals for EU

Grant Due 9 October 2017


We're looking for creative defence, security and counter-terrorism projects from our SMEs! We'll even help you find the money to make them become a reality. Submit a two-page proposal to us by 9 October to be a part of our EU grant application.

Inaugural Defence Innovation

Conference on 22 May 2018


Looking for inspiration? Got a great idea to share and want to find potential customers? Are you looking to build a consortia to innovate? Sign up to attend our semiannual Defence Innovation Conference and connect into our vibrant ecosystem.

Defence Concurrent Design Facility

Grand Opening 14 June 2018


We are excited to be building the first dedicated Concurrent Design Facility for defence and crisis response applications. Request your invitation to see how technology perfected by the European Space Agency can help us right here on the ground.



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